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CDI Portfolio

One of the largest pharmaceutical firms

Full Mission Critical D&E Services, both in the USA and Europe.

  1. CDI has provided almost every type of Mission Control design and engineering for this firm with the exception of building a new facility.
  2. CDI has provided this pharmaceutical company with Criteria/Basis of Design (BOD) documents for the various types of support for IT facilities such as Labs, Comm Rooms, Local Server Rooms, etc. for their use globally.
  3. CDI provides reviews of numerous sites and has assisted in Co-Lo facility selections in the US, UK, Belgium, and Singapore.
  4. CDI provides ongoing monitoring/policing of the Co-Lo sites to insure that power and cooling is in proper balance for each Suite/location.  Before a server can be placed in a rack or on the floor, CDI will assist in choosing the best location for a power and cooling standpoint.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

CDI has worked with Facilities and IT Management to develop and implement an engineering and project management program to provide Mercedes-Benz with two (2) N+1 primary and backup Mission Critical Facilities.  These projects were implemented simultaneously with Phase 1 of the conversion of Warehouse space to white space, and completed in less than 70 working days.  Each project included demolition , construction of the white space, construction of the mechanical/electrical spaces, installation of the dual path “A-B” UPS system, independent air-cooled Liebert CRAC units, installation of an infrastructure monitoring system (including branch circuit monitoring), all fire detection and protection systems, and the addition of a dual path, “A-B” N+1 generator system.

Related projects included the electrical service upgrades form 480V distribution voltage to 15kV medium voltage  at each location, including outdoor substations and building main switchgear.

Close proximity to an adjacent, residential condominium complex required the design and installation of an acoustic control, vision screen system to address reflected noise caused by the roof-mounted air conditioning equipment.

Chubb Insurance

CDI recently provided Chubb with engineering design and equipment procurment services for a major UPS and LAN Room upgrade.

CDI has provided Chubb with Criteria Documents for all revised or new LAN Rooms in their offices throughout the US.


CDI has performed various designs and turn-key projects for KPNG including recent projects of a generator fuel tank replacement, UPS upgrade, and new ATS.

CDI recently issued a report about a single point of failure concern in a Mission Critical facility.  CDI is presently implementing a minor design building to correct the issues displayed by the report.

CDI provides ongoing support for many KPMG mission ciritical projects.

CDI provides MOPs for many facilities maintenance procedures/projects as well as breaker coordination/arc flash studies.

Multiple Clients

CDI provides ongoing facilities monitoring/policing for numerous sites of many clients, by evaluating and directing where  equipment is placed, relocated, or removed.  CDI examines and if necessary modifies electrical distribution, cooling, etc.